Know my IP address

Your data is available for public access. Keep it private, use VPN.


Why hide your IP?

When you browse the web, your IP address is public by default. Ad networks and internet service providers can track your online activity through your IP address. Hiding your IP address helps protect your data, keep your online activity private and avoid unwanted tracking. The best way to hide your IP is using a VPN service.

What other benefits does HQ VPN have?


Protect your data

Maintain security against unwelcome data tracking and annoying ads. Keep your location private, and make sure your search history is 100% anonymous. Getting started is easy! Install HQ VPN.


Get access to blocked services and websites

A public IP address allows services to block, redirect, and censor your web activity. Using VPN makes it impossible to control your online experience. HQ VPN will switch your IP address to a different location, and unblock websites unavailable in your region. No more censorship, no limitations.


Access your favorite content

Don’t let third parties decide what content you can or can not access. Use HQ VPN to get around geo-restricting measures and enjoy blocked content worldwide. Use HQ VPN to get unrestricted access to your favorite content!


A fan of international shopping?

Use HQ VPN to shop safely. HQ VPN adds an extra layer of security while you browse through online stores. HQ VPN encrypts your network traffic and hides your IP address while you shop. Sometimes online stores change prices for visitors based on their location. Use HQ VPN to compare prices in different regions and save money. Switch between virtual locations using HQ VPN to access any online resource you need.


Enjoy a full-speed internet connection with HQ VPN!

Have you ever experienced sudden slowdowns in your internet connection? It’s called bandwidth throttling. Your internet provider slows down your connection based on your online activity. Get around those unwelcome speed limitations with HQ VPN. How does it work? HQ VPN sends your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, making your provider blind to your online activity so it can’t select you for throttling.